Welcome to The Three Dog Ridge, home of ZAREBA RIDGEBACKS. We are located in Tahlequah, OK, on the western edge of the Ozark plateau. We share our home with four resident Ridgebacks, and with constant visitations from their off-spring. The oldest resident is Leah, our rescue bitch, [we think she is about ten]. She was the first Michigan Rhodesian rescue dog placed through the Club there. Then comes Keesha [Ch. Callyhi's Keesha Of Koya, ROM, CGC]. Mother of forty ridged offspring, ten of which are Champions and six more in the competition. Keesha received the #1 BROOD BITCH award for 1997, of which we are extremely proud. She also has the honorary title of ROM [ Registered Order of Merit. Photo of Keesha & Gaia ] .
Jake comes next, [Am/Can Ch. Riveroads Serengeti Jakeriah, CGC] he is the sire of 29 ridged dogs, six of which are Champions, he was awarded # 3 Stud Dog for 1997. Actually at our home he rates as #4. He lets the "Ladies" have the first three positions on the pack hierarchy. Then come our offspring, Gaia [Ch. Zareba Gaia By Kwetu], Saki [Ch. Zareba's Sakari Of Kwetu], Solo [Ch. Zareba's Roaring Tji'Wara] and our second generation - Fany [Ch Kamali Sweet Cherokee Chile]. Gaia lives with us permanently, the other "come and go".
We routinely have all our show dogs X-rayd at the age of 24 months for Hip and Elbow Displasia, and the films are read by the Orthopedic Foundation For Animals, [OFA]. All our dogs have passed with the ratings of Good or Excellent. We also check them for Thyroid and any Eye disease. We have a litter a year. The pups are born in the house and we strongly encourage visitations by their future owners. In fact the "Wanna Be Owners" are interviewed by us AND by the Dam of the pups. They have to meet with HER approval before the pup leaves our home. All our pups are Microchipped with the AKC Home Again chip and we are listed as one of the permanent contacts. Here are some pictures of the "kids"




Hope you enjoyed our pictures, for more information contact: or call at 918-456-6650 to see more - contact RRCUS at- or visit Kitambi